Survey: E-Commerce Gets High Marks For Back-To-Campus Shoppers

Students shopping for back to campus expect to spend more online, according to a study by Branding Brand.

The study of 1,000 18 to 24 year old Millennial consumers indicated that 39% expect to purchase between 1% and 33% of their back to campus supplies online; 32% expect to purchase between 34% and 66% of supplies online; and 19% expect to purchase between 67% and 99% of college needs. About 10% of respondents anticipate buying all their back to campus merchandise via the Internet.

In terms of what categories survey respondents would shop, the top categories identified were: clothing, by 54%; electronics, by 50%; room decor, by 35%; and bedding, by 28%.

Reasons that motivate students to purchase online versus stores include free shipping, cited by 63%, better price, cited by 58%, and fast shipping, cited by 45%.

The majority of survey respondents, 51%, plan to shop no more than three retailers for back to campus, and 35% will shop four to six retailers. Most cited retailers for back to campus shopping were, by 74%, Target, by 51%, and Walmart, by 42%.

Ease of shopping is a big motivator as well. According to the study, the top three reasons that younger consumers prefer shopping for back-to-campus items online is the chance to compare pricing and options, at 57%, ability to see all available inventory options, at 42%, and don’t have to deal with people, at 36%.