Survey: Generation Z Consumers Enjoy In-Store Advantages

Profitect, a prescriptive analytics provider for the retail and consumer packaged goods industry, reported that, in a survey of Generation Z shoppers ages 18 to 22, 42% of respondents prefer to shop in-store versus online.

A further 34% indicated that they prefer to shop in store and online equally, while only 23% said they prefer to shop online only.

Stores continue to offer selling advantages, with the survey noting that 46% of respondents identified in-store browsing as their biggest shopping influence. The factor that is most likely to prompt Gen Z to add more items to their shopping basket, cited by 67%, is their feelings as they shop. In addition, 40% said in-store displays could influence their decision. As for omnichannel influence, 33% said online and in-store ads can influence their decision.

Convenient location is the top reason to shop a particular store according to 48%. A brick and mortar presence also emerged as critical when it comes to rejected deliveries, as 65% of Gen Z regarded returns to stores as the most convenient.

Although good customer service didn’t emerge as a major reason to shop a store, the survey demonstrated that Gen Z regards bad customer service as a major problem. In the survey, 57% said that poor customer service would be the biggest reason for them to stop shopping at a favorite retailer.

“Our survey of Gen Z shoppers found that the in-store shopping experience still plays an important role in the shopping journey, even with digital natives,” said Guy Yehiav, Profitect CEO. “From price and deal shopping, to ease of returns, to interest in checking product availability, the data demonstrates that retailers should not neglect the importance of a strong in-store and online strategy.”