Survey: Stores Top Digital Retail For Back-To-College Shopping

Deloitte, in analysis of its 2018 Back-to-College Survey, has determined that consumer enthusiasm for online back-to-school shopping isn’t shifting toward digital channels in the way it once was.

On average, the survey indicated that households will spend $1,330 on back-to-college goods per shopping household, and 54% of that will come from in-store shopping.

Of the $25.5 billion Deloitte expects consumers to spend this back-to-college season, only 69% of parents plan to use a desktop or laptop to shop versus 80% in 2017. Deloitte’s survey suggests retailers need to get innovative with their digital offerings for the season, a consideration further supported by the finding that, of the 1,025 parents surveyed, only 45% plan to do shopping via mobile phone, representing just a one-point increase from the 2017 period.

Mass merchants remain the top retail destination among back-to-college shoppers across income levels, with 75% of respondents planning to shop the channel. However, low-income households also tend to shop dollar stores and off-campus bookstores for back to college while high-income households prefer traditional department stores and warehouse membership clubs as they shop outside the mass-merchant channel.