Swiss Diamond Featured On Science Channel Series

Swiss Diamond was recently featured on a Science Channel series, “How It’s Made.” The episode demonstrated how the company’s frying pans are made in its factory in Sierre, Switzerland.

The episode gives a detailed look at how Swiss Diamond’s cookware is made through a sophisticated manufacturing process, the company said.

The show highlighted the process of aluminum alloy ingots used to cast the base of each cookware item and Swiss Diamond’s use of robotics to evenly coat each aluminum base with a layer of Plasma coating that seals the aluminum from contact with the food and prevents corrosion. After that, viewers see a precise flame that infuses a metal powder blend in the interior of each pan. Then, powdered diamond particles are mixed into coating formulations to reinforce the non-stick properties with their durability, natural non-stick qualities, and heat conductivity. A sandpaper test and stamped-on logos showcase the finishing touches.

To see Swiss Diamond on the Science Channel series, see the video below.