Swiss Diamond Cutlery Debuts At Zabar’s

Swiss Diamond’s new line of cutlery is rolling out at Zabar’s in New York City. The retailer said it is one of the first to offer the new cutlery assortment.

“We immediately recognized the quality of Swiss Diamond Knives and were delighted to be one of the first retailers to offer these products to our customers. Swiss Diamond knives have been very successful for us,” said Bernardo Muniz, buyer at Zabar’s.

Swiss Diamond’s forged knives are manufactured with high-quality German steel and feature an ergonomic handle and blade shape. This is said to provide control and ease of use. Further, each knife undergoes an eight-stage process of grinding and sharpening. The knives are available individually as well as in an assortment of sets with suggested retail prices ranging from $29.95 to $495.