Swizz Style Debuts Stadler Form Oskar Little Humidifier

Swizz Style, distributors of Stadler Form home comfort appliances, has debuted the compact Oskar Little evaporative humidifier.

The Oskar series of evaporative humidifiers now includes small, medium and large models. According to the company, the Oskar Little weighs 5.5 pounds and is outfitted with a “pocket door,” which enables consumers to fill the unit with water and/or essential oils using a watering can.

Swizz Style described the Oskar Little as an energy-efficient model that features the Water Cube, which is designed to keep water fresh for a full year. The humidifier also features dimmable LED lights, an ultra-quiet fan, water-level window, automatic shut-off and two output levels.

Oskar Little has an SRP of $129.99.

In addition, two new fall colors are being released from Stadler Form— lime and bronze. Along with the Oskar Little, other humidifiers and aroma diffusers in the line now available in these new hues: Anton, Selina, Jasmine and Max.