Swizz Style Releases WiFi-Enabled Dehumidifier, Air Washer

Swizz Style is debuting Stadler Form’s Robert air washer and Albert dehumidifier, with integrated WiFi technology and mobile phone app, at the 2014 Housewares Show in Chicago.

Built-in technology allows consumers to control the units via a Stadler Form smartphone app from anywhere with a WiFi connection, according to the company. The app, designed for iOS and Android, shows the current humidity in the room where the unit is positioned, and enables consumers to change the settings of the device, adjust the desired humidity, the speed levels or the mode, for example.

The Albert dehumidifier features three speed levels, a 1.2-gallon tank, digital hygrostat and night mode. MSRP: $699.99. The Robert air washer both humidifies and purifies in one unit. It evaporates up to 3.5 gallons of water daily. Features include automatic shut off, four speed levels, integrated hygrostat, auto, night and clean modes, and a fragrance dispenser for aromatherapy. MSRP: $649.99.