Tabletop Faces Changing Consumer Lifestyles

NEW YORK— Faced with changing consumer preferences and driven by the desire for more casual, pared down dinnerware options, tabletop brands are facing a critical crossroads where change has become both a challenge and opportunity.

Established brands, such as Lenox, strive to balance their traditional tabletop manufacturing and design heritage while maintaining a renewed “startup” focus on innovation to disrupt the market and meet today’s modern consumer.

In this issue’s Fall 2019 NOUVEAU, we spoke with Lenox’s CEO, Mads
Ryder, about the company’s perspective on the state of the tabletop category, where it needs to go and where
it is headed.

The fall edition also takes a look at the flatware category’s own take on today’s more casual lifestyles. In addition, it offers a first look at a range of new dinnerware, glassware and flatware that will be offered at the
New York Tabletop Market at Forty One Madison.