Tabletop Market Offers Diverse Design Array

NEW YORK— Dinnerware introductions at the New York Tabletop Market, here, span the whimsy of holidays and summer brights to nature-themed collections featuring reactive glazes or medium-sized florals and botanicals. From feel good vintage to simple and contemporary lines, the market has a variety of offerings.

BIA Cordon Bleu
BIA Cordon Bleu will introduce its Organics dinnerware, featuring shapes taken from nature in black, white and neutral tones. The company will also feature its Scoops bake/serveware, which feature “scooped” handles at its sides, designed to be easy to grab and transport. BIA will also show its colorful dog bowls and food storage canisters.

Boston Warehouse
Among Boston Warehouse’s introductions will be whimsical holiday patterns, from Haunted House, a Halloween pattern featuring classic spooky icons in orange and black, to Holiday Bakeshop, a family-oriented gingerbread serving platter. It will also highlight whimsical animal pieces, from Zoology, including giraffe oil and vinegar dispensers to a peacock napkin holder, to On Ice barware, featuring a penguin cocktail shaker, picks, and appetizer platter.

Dansk will introduce serveware made of European recycled glass. The handcrafted nature of these pieces gives each a unique swirl design. The small “low wave” bowl has a suggested retail of $29, while a medium conical bowl has a suggested retail of $73.

Gibson will be highlighting natural themed dinnerware at market. Tableau is an embossed reactive glaze pattern that features imperfect shapes that highlight the dinnerware’s organic feel. Molten is an iridescent and luminous nature-themed reactive glaze pattern. True is a core basics line from Gibson that features earth tones and sleek, modern shapes that help bring nature into a contemporary setting.
Gibson will also spotlight mugs and tableware designs from its new partnership with designer Masha D’yans. According to Gibson, “the subjects of her eye-catching, colorful designs inhabit unique fantasy scapes where worldly objects take on otherworldly form, expressing a magical feeling and sensibility that is universally familiar.” Gibson’s Masha D’yans collection will encompass a wide range of plates, bowls and mugs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

New from Kate Spade is Pear Tree Point dinnerware that features green Pear leaves accented with gold, and gold lettering featuring lyrics from the holiday classic “A Partridge In a Pear Tree.” It has a suggested retail price of $129 for a five-piece place setting.
New from the Lenox brand is Bloom, a neutral, solid color stoneware collection that uses both hi-gloss and matte glaze to set itself apart from the competition. Featuring fresh, coupe shapes, a tone-on-tone floral graphic highlights the collection’s accent plate and mug for added interest. Bloom is available in Oyster, Slate and Sand as open stock. It is dishwasher- and microwave-safe and has a suggested retail of $15 to $86.
Lenox’s Scripted Platinum is a sophisticated ebony and platinum pattern inspired by the elegant lettering and motifs used in printed wedding materials. The pattern is accented with hand-applied enamel dots for added distinction and texture. It has a suggested retail of $172 for a five-piece place setting. Confection is an opalescent pattern that drew inspiration from the hand-applied piping and fondant details on wedding cake. Each piece is banded in platinum with a subtle tone-on-tone pattern with a bit of shimmer; suggested retail is $172 for a five-piece place setting.
New to Lenox’s Simply Fine collection is Merry Berry, the first seasonal collection available in the line. The pattern features berries and bows and is accent with platinum mica swirls. Raised decals are used to offer texture for the design’s ribbon motif. It is manufactured from fine bone china, is dishwasher- and microwave-safe and freezer to oven to table.

Lifetime Brands
New from Lifetime Brands’ Mikasa brand is Daylight, which features a wide array of unique leaves in a vibrant green palette, which make for a sophisticated and updated look. This transitional porcelain collection is designed for casual and formal entertaining. It is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Accessory pieces include mug, bread and butter plate, cereal bowl, charger, large rice bowl, small rice bowl, small salad bowl, pasta serve bowl, oval vegetable bowl, oval platter, sugar and creamer, tea server, and coffee server. The five-piece place setting includes a dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, cup and saucer for a suggested retail price of $69.99.
Mikasa Woven Cable is an intricate design accentuated by a contemporary bone china shape. Designed for upscale formal entertaining, this five-piece place setting includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, cup and saucer for a suggested retail price of $99.99.
Sleek lines and a contemporary silhouette grace the sophisticated Mikasa Modernist. It features a unique square shape combined with an updated design. The transitional bone china pattern is available in black/platinum and red/gold combinations. Accessory pieces include: vegetable bowl, rectangular platter, sugar and creamer, tea server, coffee server. The four-piece place setting includes a dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl and mug for a suggested retail price of $79.99.
Mikasa will also preview new metal serving pieces in its Cocoa Blossom and Indigo Bloom patterns, including cake plates and serving bowls. Mikasa will also feature heart-shaped cast aluminum serveware in its Love Story pattern.
Under Lifetime’s Pfaltzgraff pattern, French Cupboard, a handpainted dinnerware collection, features rustic embossing on a stoneware body. It is available as open stock. Also under Pfaltzgraff, Lifetime will introduce Tuscan Floral, which is $89.99 for a 16-piece set, Talia, which is $79.99 for a 16-piece set, and Rise & Shine, which is $79.99 for a 16-piece set.

New botanicals and florals from Oneida include Kendall, which features a semi-matte glaze and a delicate floral design; Windance, which features a clean, minimalist design of multi-colored leaves combined with a metallic decal; Skyler, which features a modern floral design in a blue, green and brown color combination; Mekka, which has a faux crackle glaze design with a mosaic floral feel; and Walden, which features a classic leaf and berry design inspired by nature’s beauty.
New reactive patterns from Oneida include Kaia, featuring a reactive glaze based on the organic texture and color of wood. Ciara is a unique reactive glaze featuring a green texture on the rim. Metra features an asymmetrical geometric square design. Sketch’s salad plate and bowl are adorned with a striking pencil design. The reactive glaze in Aris adds depth to its circular textural design. Oneida’s Luna features a combination of speckled gray and mahogany reactive glazes. Adriatic features a reactive blue glaze in round shapes, while Blue Breeze is Oneida’s square reactive blue pattern.
New embossed dinnerware patterns from Oneida include Aiden, which has an embossed crocodile texture rim treatment; Allegra, which has a combination of embossing and debossing that creates ribbed details, Applique, highlighted by an embossed pattern of circular links; and Hudson, which has an embossed rattan woven design; and Regency, which features a combination of embossing and debossing to create beading details.
Also new from Oneida is Weston, a pattern inspired by the ikat weave popular in textiles, Red Fusion, which features a black matte glazed and a tailored red border to create a sophisticated look, and Galaxia, available in red and tan, which features repeat circular patterns to create a striking design. Oneida’s Entwine White and Black are stoneware patterns with a semi-matte glaze featuring simple fluid linear designs to create a minimalist feel. Oneida will also introduce Nala in Gray, Tan and White, which features a shiny black glaze designed to offer a dramatic appeal. Arabesque, offered in red and black, features a flowing scroll design.

Signature Housewares will feature a new whiteware collection called Sonoma Valley. Sonoma Valley has a suggested retail price range of $6.99 to $39.99, with availability July 1. Signature will also feature line extensions to its Green Tea line, in brown, with a suggested retail price range from $9.99 to $24.99, with availability July 1.

TTU will introduce a 40-piece fine bone china Bridal Set under its Studio TTU umbrella. The set will feature a service for four, including four dinner plates, salad and canapé plates, four cereal bowls, four mugs, four wine glasses, and a 16-piece flatware set. It all comes in one insulated box, which can also be used as storage for the items when not in use.

Zak will launch its colorful Garden Series at the Tabletop Market. Building upon the success of its sculpted Rose Bowls that Zak introduced last year, the Garden Series is designed to give consumers new ways to add a unique element to their kitchens and tables with new colors (orange and yellow) of Rose Bowls, the addition of Rose Plates, and new tonal melamine tumblers. Zak’s Rose Plates are sculpted to give them an extra dimension. The plates in the pink and orange sets feature a technique that overlays graphic elements on top of the plates to create an added sense of realism. Each set features four plates in different sizes that form a rose bloom when stacked on top of each other.
Zak will also highlight colorful new products in its ice cream line, featured in trendy hues: Ocean Blue, Kiwi, Orange and Magenta. Among the ice cream products that Zak is offering are two variations of its Marui line: the Marui compote, which is a stemmed ice cream dish with a wide base, and a Marui ice cream cup. Zak’s new Chiller ice cream cup features a rubberized texture that helps hands from getting too cold while holding the cup. Also new at market will be new ergonomic colorful ice cream spoons.

Zrike will showcase four new Coke lines, resulting from a recent licensing agreement with the brand. Red, White and Bold uses the classic red and white Coke art and is being made on melamine and acrylic items for a modern feel. Diner is a vintage collection that is being made on porcelain bodies with glass accents. The art was created in black and white to represent the vintage feel. Classic features the classic red and white aluminum can image, while At the Movies also has a vintage feel, with images depicting characters bringing coke and popcorn to a picture show.
Zrike will also introduce over 100 new mug designs under its Zrike brand in fine porcelain for a suggested retail of $3.50.
The newest pattern from Tracy Porter is called Pirouette, a hand-painted stoneware pattern highlighted by dusty pinks and lavender. It has a suggested retail price of $8.50 to $37.50. New from Lynn Chase is Sea Breeze, a hand-painted stoneware pattern featuring red coral and sea life motifs for $9-$37.50.