The Toughest Test For 2020 Impact Merchants

As it became clearer in March that retailing, an already fickle business in the e-commerce age, was in for a new disruption of immeasurable enormity and consequence, it also became clearer vendor-buyer relations, already confrontational at times, were about to be tested like never before.

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Canton Fair Readies Online Exhibition

The Canton Fair’s International Pavilion held an online promotion and communication conference on June 3 to help buyers and business associations in China get prepared for the first-ever online session of Canton Fair, which will be held from June 15 to 24.

Trade Shows
IHA Offers Resources To Support Housewares Industry During Pandemic

The International Housewares Association has released a letter to the housewares industry from president of the association, Derek Miller. The letter details some of the services and resources that IHA provides to the industry as well as new resources that could prove helpful to suppliers and retailers during the current market conditions caused by the pandemic.

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