Deloitte: Back To School Spending Has Flat Prospects

In its 2020 Back-to-School and Back-to-College studies, Deloitte determined that, amid financial concerns, back-to-school spending will likely remain flat, reaching a collective $28.1 billion for kindergarten through grade 12 students, or approximately $529 per student.

Retail Costco Comeback Showcases Strength

Costco store visits were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, but a store traffic comeback is more evidence of the retailer’s strength, according to

Trade Shows
IHA Market Watch Webinar Series Examines Key Consumer Lifestyle Trends

Housewares product developers or retailers looking for guidance on where to focus critical resources in the coming months and years can find some insights in a new webinar series from the International Housewares Association. The six-part series, which runs Tuesday and Thursdays July 9-28 and features the newly created IHA Market Watch report, offers a deep-dive into each of five key consumer lifestyle trends, highlights shifts in light of the pandemic and includes implications for both suppliers and retailers.

Cookware & Bakeware
Homebound Chefs Igniting A Return To Cookware Sets

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, as more people spent time indoors, they also spent more time in their kitchens. This spurred the consistent use of cookware as consumers created more meals at home as well as experimented with different recipes— and ignited a return to the purchase of cookware sets.

A Work In Progress

After nearly three months of working from home, it is a welcome relief to begin the first phase of a return to offices for the HomeWorld Business team.

Cookware & Bakeware
Bread Baking On The Rise

As consumers are spending more time at home during this time of social distancing, many are looking to the comforts of the kitchen to provide some normalcy. Others are delving into home cooking and baking projects that they never felt they had the time for before now. However, none have become more popular than baking bread. Yeast and flour have been in short supply around the country, while social media pages have been inundated with photos of homemade baguettes, sourdoughs and challahs.

Trade Shows
IHA Sets Stage For June Education Webinars

Lee Eiseman’s second keynote presentation on color, an update on the next normal for consumer thinking and opportunities of seasonal trends are topics of upcoming webinars in the ongoing virtual education series developed by the International Housewares Association.

KPMG: COVID-19 Accelerating Retail Trends

Already in flux, the retail industry now is adapting to the massive challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis, a situation that has accelerated the evolution of underlying, fundamental sector trends, according to a KPMG report.

Walmart Enhances Shopping App

Walmart is continuing to bring its Walmart Grocery and Walmart App experiences together to make it easier for customers to shop everything from fresh groceries to other products.

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