Placer: Early Shopping Stirs Change In Unique Holiday Season

According to a whitepaper report, the 2020 holiday shopping season kicked into high gear long before the leaves changed colors, with consumer concerns over unemployment and uncertainty about meeting-up with friends and families to exchange holiday gifts prompting consideration of new ways to celebrate, not to mention Amazon’s shift of Prime Day.

Executive Profile
Taylor Martinez, Assistant Buyer, Costco

Costco is known as a go-to destination for consumers looking to stock up on everything from food to floor care, and a relatively new assistant buyer, Taylor Martinez, is attracting attention in the home environment and personal care appliance categories.

Retail Champions
Retail Champions 2020: Costco

ISSAQUAH, WA— The COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. drove consumers to Costco as a place to stock up on food and household essentials, but images of consumers driving wagon loads of groceries, paper towels and other necessary products out of its warehouse clubs don’t provide the whole picture.

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