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Emson Rolls Out Nutri Chopper

Emson is rolling out Nutri Chopper, a compact, handheld kitchen slicer for fast, safe cutting of vegetables, fruits, cheese and…

Cookware & Bakeware
Emson Files Lawsuit Against Tekno Products

E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. (Emson) has filed a lawsuit against Tekno Products, Inc. alleging false advertising, unfair competition, trade dress infringement and copyright infringement directed to multiple Tekno products, including Granite Tuff cookware, Granite Tuff knives, Rainbow knives and Soft & Smooth hair removers.

Emson Acquires Four Coleman Lantern Patents

Emson has purchased four portable lantern patents from The Coleman Company. The four patents relate to portable lanterns with lights that are telescopingly mounted for moving between a lowered position, where the lights are housed inside the lantern, and a raised position, where the lights are illuminated.