Newell Brands Strikes Deal With Carl Icahn

Newell Brands has named four new members to its board of directors as part of an agreement with billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who owns 6.9% of the company’s shares.

Some Retail Obituaries Can Wait

It might surprise you that news services historically have kept files of pre-written obituaries for famous people that need only be topped off when that inevitable day arrives.

Unique Experiences At The Home + Housewares Show

The Housewares Show. Utter that phrase to anyone who worked the annual event held recently in Chicago and it will conjure up a multitude of feelings that range from excitement in seeing new products to exhaustion after a long week at McCormick Place.

Live from IH+HS 2018
IH+HS Events & Seminars: Tuesday, March 13

The Innovation Theater, along with several other venues, is the International Home + Housewares Show’s destination for learning. Discover emerging trends and how to invigorate new products. Each presentation is free to all attendees. Speakers share their knowledge of important issues in the housewares industry such as the crucial role of design, the Internet of Things, consumer lifestyle trends and new platforms for product launches.

An Industry United By Charity

We live and work in an era of great division. It seems harder than ever to get people to come together with so much societal, political or even competitive tension pulling them apart.

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