Gadget & Kitchen Tools
Coravin Launches Online Marketplace

Coravin, Inc. has launched Coravin Marketplace, a one-stop-shop for a wide selection of wine-related offerings. Designed for all wine lovers, offerings include wine tasting experiences, décor, appliances and bar accessories not easily accessible online or in store.

Cookware & Bakeware
Meyer Celebrates Farberware’s 120th Anniversary

Meyer Corporation, U.S., which offers Farberware cookware, bakeware, and stovetop coffee percolators, is celebrating the brand’s 120th anniversary with the launch of new limited edition products that are now available for purchase on the company’s redesigned website among other major retailers.

TurkeyStone Launches Via Kickstarter

The TurkeyStone, a new kitchen tool designed for roasting, has made its debut on Kickstarter. The ceramic body is designed to warm up quickly to become its own heat source to cook a turkey from the inside, while the consumer’s oven or grill cooks it from the outside.

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