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Walmart Open Call Event Supporting U.S.-Made Entrepreneurs

Tariffs are shaking up the supplier picture today for mass-market retailers while changing consumer preferences for trendier products is continuing to transform the market. Walmart’s two-day open call event, ending today, June 19, comes at an appropriate moment in a shifting retail landscape.

Sherrill Pushes For Made In America Legislation

Sherrill Manufacturing, the only flatware manufacturer in the U.S., participated in a White House meeting on July 19 as part of the Trump administration’s “Made in America” week. The event, which hosted 20 small and medium-sized businesses in a roundtable discussion, focused on U.S. manufactured products.

Walmart Open Call Supports U.S.-Made Entrepreneurs

On June 28, Walmart is inviting more than 500 businesses from across the U.S. to pitch their Made in the U.S.A. products at its Bentonville, AR, headquarters, providing entrepreneurs the opportunity to potentially reach the retailer’s consumers in-store and online.

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