Sears Hometown Q3 Loss Decreases Despite Holdings Shadow

Although spun off in 2012, Sears Hometown & Outlet stores still has operational ties to Sears Holdings and that organization’s bankruptcy has hit the business. However, financially, the company gained some traction in the third quarter as it pushes to reach profitability.

Turn Sears Sadness Into Opportunity

Shed a tear for Sears Holdings if you must. Despite any flicker of post-Chapter 11 hope Eddie Lampert tries to peddle, all that seems left of this story— even if in some way the Sears and Kmart brands are salvaged or reincarnated— is for the plug to be pulled on what is left of the business as we know it and the remnants of its assets to be redistributed.

Sears Loss Doubles In Q2

Although the company touted an improvement in comparable store sales trends, Sears Holdings continued to post comp declines in the second quarter despite substantial under-performing store closures, even as company losses increased substantially.

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