Store Tour: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus Highlight Urban Home

Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus have opened updated urban department store formats in New York City, and while they are heavily apparel oriented, they have significant, meticulously merchandised housewares assortments with some home furnishings.

Ikea To Open Manhattan Store

Ikea is planning to open its first city center store in the U.S., marking what the company said is its ongoing transformation and commitment to bring the retailer into the heart of urban areas. The “Ikea Planning Studio” is slated to open in Manhattan in spring 2019. 

Jet Tailors Branding To Reach Urban Millennial Consumer

At a panel held last week in New York, David Echegoyen, chief customer officer at Jet.com, told the audience that the company’s recent refocus on the affluent, urban Millennial consumer represents not so much as a change in its approach to the marketplace as a shift driven in large measure by its purchase by Walmart.

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