Executive Profile
Rachel Tsupros, Senior Category Manager, Tabletop, Wayfair

As the housewares industry collectively navigated the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presented, the relationship between vendor and retailer was more critical than ever. Buyers that were able to step in and help vendors navigate the uncertainty became a welcomed partner. Rachel Tsupros, senior category manager, tabletop, at Wayfair is one of those partners and for that, she has been named a 2020 HOMEWORLD BUSINESS Impact Merchant.

Executive Profile
Jeff Branz, Senior Category Manager, Wayfair

The past few months have been exciting for Wayfair and Jeff Branz has been a critical part of the team that has helped the company meet customer needs for furniture during a period in the business when addressing their homes was very much an immediate consideration.

Retail Champions
Other Retailers Gain Foothold In Shifting Marketplace

NEW YORK— When Kroger published its “Sharing What We’ve Learned: A Blueprint for Businesses” to help business create safe working environments in the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. was simultaneously realizing how great an effect the coronavirus was having on life in the country and beginning to look forward to the end of movement and shopping restrictions that made them radically reconsider how they might purchase everything from food to durable goods such as major appliances.

Wayfair Taps Clarkson As U.S. Brand Ambassador

Wayfair has tapped singer, songwriter, voice coach and TV host Kelly Clarkson as the retailer’s first official brand ambassador in the U.S. The partnership with Clarkson will span TV, digital and retail, and will also include a new home collection.

Wayfair Gains During Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Wayfair has reported a 36% increase year over year in direct retail gross sales, defined as dollars of order intake, for the five-day peak shopping period of Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday. Black Friday and Cyber Monday were Wayfair’s highest revenue days ever, the company said.

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