Tanger Promotes Voting Initiative

To support safe, healthy and trusted elections, and inspire civic engagement among employees and customers, Tanger Factory Outlet Centers has joined the Civic Alliance, a non-partisan business coalition.

Tanger said it would participate in Power the Polls, a Civic Alliance initiative to address the nationwide poll worker shortage by recruiting and training the next generation of volunteers, with a goal of readying at least one million by November. The company is encouraging its regular full-time employees to use available paid time off and serve as poll workers in their communities.

Participation in the Civic Alliance is part of Tanger’s efforts to support civic engagement and its diversity, equity and inclusion council’s leadership and action goals ahead of the 2020 election. Last month, Tanger began a partnership with HeadCount, a non-profit organization promoting voter registration amongst young people, by installing voter registration stations at 24 of its open-air locations nationwide. The partnership encourages employees and shoppers to check registration status, register to vote, find a local polling place, access information about how to vote early and review registration deadlines state by state.

“At Tanger, we believe our democracy works best when we all participate,” said Stephen Yalof, Tanger Outlets president and COO. “We value civic engagement, especially exercising the right to vote, which is why we have taken a number of steps to help our employees and customers navigate this election season. We are excited to join the Civic Alliance and continue our partnership with HeadCount ahead of the upcoming election. I’m proud of Tanger’s continued commitment to supporting civic engagement among our employees and shoppers. By working together, we can ensure everyone’s voices are heard this November.”