Target Accelerates Store Remodeling Initiative

Target plans to triple the number of remodels it will execute this year with the focus on a $250 million initiative in 28 Minneapolis/St. Paul locations, part of an effort to reconstitute more than 1,000 stores across the U.S. by the end of 2020.

The Nicollet Mall flagship store in downtown Minneapolis, one of 110 stores remodeled in 2017, represents the redesign format as it rolls out. The remodeling effort and associated store initiatives in the Dallas market have helped Target understand what it wants to do as it moves forward with its redesign initiative.

In 2018, Target will complete about 325 additional remodels. The Twin Cities effort will be Target’s largest remodeling initiative in 2018, but the company plans to work on stores in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago as well. Over the next several years, the company will remodel stores in every major city in the U.S., providing features particular to the neighborhoods where each operates but, at the same time, advancing a broad sustainability program that includes the addition of LED lighting and solar panels at many locations.

In the remodeled stores, shoppers will find a modern design aesthetic, enhanced merchandise presentations, including departments dedicated to trends and top-of-mind seasonal products, as well as bigger order pickup counters and drive-up lanes in parking lots, depending on the location.

“Target’s top priority is delivering a shopping experience our guests will love, and we’re excited to make so many of our hometown stores even easier to shop,” said Mark Schindele, svp/Target properties. “At the same time, we’re adding new features that put the spotlight on the great assortment at Target. We’re always testing and learning in our stores here in the Twin Cities, so while these remodels will benefit our guests, they’ll also give us the opportunity to keep learning and adjusting.”