Target Rolling Out Ayesha Curry Cookware Collection

Target is rolling out Ayesha Curry’s newly-launched line of cookware, bakeware and kitchen tools in October.

According to the retailer, the collection will be exclusive to Target and on for the month of October before rolling out to other retailers.

“My inspiration comes from my own experience in discovering how satisfying and pleasurable it is to cook in your own kitchen and from wanting to share that passion with others. Often, there’s a lack of confidence in cooking. My hope is that my line of cookware, bakeware and other kitchen products will encourage others to get in the kitchen and see for themselves how effortless and fun cooking can be,” said Curry.

Ayesha Curry, a chef, cookbook author and TV personality, developed the lifestyle oriented cookware line in partnership with Meyer Corp.

Recently, JC Penney also said it would be rolling out Ayesha Curry’s new line of cookware and kitchen tools to 600 stores this fall. The line will be available in-stores and online starting in November at J.C. Penney.