Target Debuts Remodeled Dallas-Fort Worth Stores

Target has slated a $220-million, 28-store renovation project in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and consumers now are beginning to see the results.

Target said the results from its largest remodel investment in a single market this year got their initial public viewing in eight North Texas stores that have been reopened. The Dallas-Fort Worth renovation project is part of a plan to renovate hundreds of stores across the country over the next three years, the retailer noted.

The store overhaul included putting in product vignettes and displays designed to help shoppers easily mix and style products, such as a set that combines a crib and various baby products and a table, chair and decorative accessories floor presentation. The food and beverage department got a full makeover that included the addition of wood-grain fixtures, an updated floor, LED lighting and products merchandised as meal ideas.

Target also updated the store’s order pickup and ship from store service functions, as well, to better accommodate online ordering, and it opened more self-checkout lanes in an upfront section that provides new grab-and-go food items.