Target Rolls Out Augmented Reality Technology

Target has rolled out a new augmented reality feature on its mobile website called See It In Your Space.

To help visualize home décor and furniture in their own home, including the new Project 62 furniture line, consumers can use the feature to place three-dimensional versions of real Target home products within photos of actual rooms at home, and move them around at proper scale to see how they will look before purchasing.

Using a smartphone, consumers can simply tap the product’s See It In Your Space button and follow the steps. All they need is a photo of the living space they want to decorate, which they can shoot in real-time or pull from an existing photo. The retailer noted that the See It In Your Space function doesn’t require any special apps or hardware to use, as its built into via any smartphone.

Target is the latest retailer to experiment with augmented reality. Wayfair, Overstock and Lowe’s are among other retailers to launch initiatives with the technology. Last spring, Target’s website debuted 360-degree shopping, virtual living rooms designed to help shoppers visualize size and scale of Target items and provide styling guidance.

See It In Your Space is currently available to use for 200 Project 62 Target home products. According to Target, the functionality will roll out to more products by the end of the year with a larger expansion of the program in 2018.