Target Scores With Latest Store Remodel Effort

greg sleterIf you haven’t gone shopping recently, do so. Shopping at a store, that is.

Several retailers are investing in their stores and rolling out major remodel programs in an effort to make new what is old and tired.

Having worked at Stern’s department store during my college days, I know firsthand the inconvenience store remodeling projects can have on store associates and shoppers.

But the final product, if done correctly, can be well worth the inconvenience.

Recently, I walked into the Target store in Bay Shore, NY. The store was one of the retailer’s first locations on Long Island and over the years has had its share of updating.

But the latest facelift is quite impressive.

Immediately I was struck by the store’s new lighting that made the store appear brighter without being blinding. As a whole, the store felt more inviting and provided enhanced opportunities to showcase products in a host of departments.

The housewares section went from the typical aisles of products to being reset as a department caddy-cornered along the back portion of the store. The section is open and welcoming and gives shoppers the opportunity to easily see the products they want while also providing opportunities to browse the full assortment.

Also noteworthy is the reset in consumer electronics. Similar to other parts of the store, the department is open and the visibility of products has been increased offering a feel similar to that of a leading consumers electronics chain.

So, kudos to Target. The remodel is a hit and another sign that stores are here to stay.