Target Tests Connected Living Concept

A year ago, Target debuted a store concept the company dubbed Target Open House in San Francisco, designed to function as part retail space, part learning lab, part meeting venue for the connected home technology community. Now, the company is taking an example of what it has initiated there and testing it in a traditional Target store.

Target said the Connected Living in-store merchandising presentation demonstrates how connected products can make life easier, more convenient and increasingly efficient. Housed in the company’s Ridgedale location in Minnetonka, MN, the experimental display space and a resident expert will convey connected devices that can help users deal with everyday situations more effectively, the company said.

The company organized the pilot Connected Living space into six sections and, in addition to the dedicated expert, incorporated animated discovery tables and Open House-style LED screens to the presentation. They combine to illustrate a product’s usefulness and ability to work with other devices. Sections include:

Family Fitness. Devices for wearable and shareable wellness including the UNICEF Kid Power band, FitBit and 94Fifty basketball.

Connected Kitchen. Tools for improving kitchen performance such as a Drop scale and the WeMo switch.

Virtual Guardians. Security technology for the home such as the Ring wireless video doorbell and Disney Circle.

Connected Nursery. Gadgets to enhance playtime, nighttime and “you time,” featuring Edwin the Deck and the Mimo monitor.

Rest & Relaxation. Devices set to ensure a better sleep experience including the Hello Sense Sleep Monitor.

Item Trackers & Smart Buttons. Tools that help users order things they want such as Tile and the Flic wireless smart button.

“One of the goals of building Open House was to understand how to display and educate consumers on connected home products,” said Casey Carl, chief strategy and innovation officer, Target. “We have learned three big lessons: storytelling is key to helping guests understand how they might use connected devices, having a knowledgeable team member on hand is extremely important and guests want to see products in a real-life setting.”