TecPoint Launches SteakChamp 3-Color Food Thermometer

TecPoint has launched SteakChamp, a meat thermometer that is designed to alert grillers when beef, duck, game and fish have achieved their desired doneness. 

The SteakChamp 3-Color steak thermometer has a temperature gauge that runs the length of the thermometer. It has an LED sensor built in that is color coded to alert home chefs when their steaks have reached the temperature needed to achieve a particular level of doneness. Green equals medium rare, yellow means medium and red equates to medium well. The thermometer was designed to be kept in the meats while they rest as well. The SteakChamp LED will stop flashing to indicate that the resting phase is complete and the meat is ready to be served.

Made in Germany, the SteakChamp 3-color thermometer is constructed of high-grade stainless steel and is available nationwide and at Sur la Table stores for $59.95.