Teen Hustl Launches To Scuttle Porch Pirates

A new delivery service, Teen Hustl Personal Package Delivery, has launched to get shipped products to consumers at a time when they’re planning to be home.

Consumers send online orders to points such as their local Amazon Lockers and UPS Stores, and neighborhood teens pickup and deliver them on bikes and e-scooters after school and over weekends when recipients are home.

Some retailers have encouraged consumers to direct their online orders at lockers and other pickup locations near them, given their susceptibility to theft when recipients aren’t home. Last-mile delivery is labor intensive and the most expensive part of the delivery process. Shipment to a dedicated receiving location also allows companies to save money and cut energy use as it requires fewer last-mile trips to a single address, but that can make picking up inconvenient for the consumer.

“Even with millions of doorbell cameras installed across the U.S. porch pirates have less than a 1% chance of getting caught,” said Jack Bonneau, founder of Teen Hustl. “Every day, millions of packages are stolen, but there hasn’t been any reliable, low-cost solution to package theft. We believe contactless delivery by local teens giving the customer’s package directly to them when they’re at home is the most convenient, eco-friendly, and efficient way.”