TeleBrands Donates Hand Sanitizer To NYPD

TeleBrands delivered its second of three donated shipments of Handväna HydroClean hand sanitizer, totaling $450,000, to the New York City Police Department.

The company said it leveraged its supply chain expertise to quickly formulate, manufacture, and distribute a moisturizing hand sanitizer in order to help combat COVID-19.

With over 30,000 uniformed officers, the NYPD will be receiving enough Handväna hand sanitizer to distribute at least one bottle to every person on the force.

“We recognized that due to vast shortages across the globe, nearly all available protective supplies have been going to health care workers. Yet with nearly 20% of uniformed NYPD officers out sick, the police force has been suffering and is in dire need of supplies that will help keep their officers healthy,” said A.J. Khubani, president, TeleBrands. “TeleBrands has committed to donating our hand sanitizer to both the Police Benevolent Association and the Sergeants Benevolent Association for direct distribution to the officers on the frontlines to keep them safe while they continue to do their best to keep us safe.”