Tervis Recognized For Environmental Efforts

Tervis was recently recognized by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) with a Recycling Recognition award.

The award was in honor of the company’s 83.72% recycling rate, outstanding reuse efforts, and commitment to Florida’s environment and recycling goals. DEP Deputy Secretary John Truitt presented the award to Chris Shockey, director of manufacturing at Tervis, at a recent press conference.

“Being at the state capital to accept this award was a huge honor,” Shockey said. “Being surrounded with like-minded individuals made me feel even prouder about the efforts Tervis is taking to make the environment a better place for our families.”

“Tervis takes our responsibility to the environment very seriously,” said Tervis CFO, Hosana Fieber. “We are committed to eliminating the need of single-use plastic by manufacturing reusable quality products. We recycle returned materials through our ‘made for life program’ into other useful forms, such as park benches, that will be enjoyed for years in our community. Tervis operations strives to be zero-waste by 2022.”