The Art Of Promotion

greg sleterOne of the enjoyable aspects of my job is the opportunity to write about the constant flow of new products and the ever-changing retail marketplace.

During the early part of the summer, I spent time out of the office meeting with a host of suppliers, building new relationships and reconnecting with long-time friends in the business. While discussions touched a host of topics ranging from tariffs to Amazon and the unique challenges of today’s retail marketplace, there was one conversation point that surprised me. The struggle companies face when it comes to promoting themselves.

Having spent 25 years in journalism, which also included a stint on the PR side, this at first surprised me. From my perspective, the art of promoting a company is simple. But I also understand that for those outside the worlds of journalism and public relations, it can be intimidating.

Let me assure you it’s not.

Remember that media outlets such as HomeWorld Business, which operate in the print and digital worlds, have an endless appetite for content. A simple e-mail or phone call can start a conversation, develop new relationships, allow us to find out about a company and share ideas.

Journalists are always on the hunt to expand their contact lists. The more people, companies and topics we can cover, the more enjoyable our jobs are and our readers have a better experience.

It’s important to keep in mind that while we’re proactive when developing story ideas, many times the efforts of folks in PR or companies through internal marketing efforts drop solid stories in our laps. For that, we’re quite appreciative.

So when you have something new to talk about, are heading to a trade show with a broad range of items you want retailers to know about, think about how you’re promoting yourself and reach out to media outlets.

Why spend the time, money and effort traveling to a show such as Inspired Home in Chicago (formerly the Home + Housewares Show), set up a booth full of products and not tell anyone? Your solution is a simple e-mail or phone call away.