The Cookware Co., Helen Of Troy Develop OXO Good Grips Cookware Line

The Cookware Company, which manufactures GreenPan ceramic non-stick cookware, has entered into a strategic licensing agreement with Helen of Troy to develop a cookware collection for Helen of Troy’s OXO brand. According to The Cookware Company, the partnership will broaden its reach in the cookware market, as the new line will incorporate materials and cookware styles new to The Cookware Company. For Helen of Troy, the licensing agreement extends OXO’s reach into a strategic new category for the housewares brand.

“We are very excited about this collaboration,” said Wim De Veirman, CEO of The Cookware Company. “The Cookware Company is driven by modern design and is constantly developing new manufacturing technologies, using new materials, processes and coatings. Our new arrangement with OXO opens up a whole new range of opportunities. It allows us to apply our vast knowledge and experience in manufacturing and designing both high-quality and original cookware to a dynamic and respected brand platform.”

Founded in 1990 on the concept of Universal Design, OXO’s mission has been to create consumer household products that ease the tasks of everyday life for the widest range of users possible, according to Helen of Troy. The OXO collection has grown to more than 800 SKUs, covering kitchenware, cleaning, gardening, storing, organizing and lighting.

“Cookware is a category OXO has considered seriously for years. Ultimately we felt that a strategic license agreement with a partner as innovative as The Cookware Company would bring unique access to design and technology from both companies at the best possible value for the consumer. We are very excited about this relationship and look forward to bringing thoughtful and meaningful products to a category as essential to any kitchen as cookware,” Alex Lee, president of OXO, added.

         The Cookware Company and OXO share a commitment to creating thoughtfully designed, functional products that last, the companies said in a joint statement. The newly developed collections of OXO Good Grips cookware are the result of both companies’ rigorous and inventive design and new product development methodology, they continued.

The new OXO cookware program is designed to offer high-quality products that focus on functionality and comfort and will launch under OXO’s Good Grips brand with three collections: two lines of hard-anodized aluminum cookware and stainless steel cookware.

Features of the OXO cookware line include the use of premium materials, PFOA-free coatings and advanced manufacturing and forging processes, designed to extend the OXO brand’s reputation for high-quality, long-lasting products to cookware, The Cookware Company said. For example, OXO Good Grips cookware will include forged aluminium construction, new functional shapes and ergonomic handles, a signature of OXO Good Grips in other kitchenware categories. “We have carefully studied OXO’s brand DNA and considered what OXO stands for, resulting in what is now called smart shapes. Each piece is designed to complement OXO’s message while incorporating our innovation,” Jessica Fucale, a marketing spokesperson for The Cookware Company, said. 

The cookware assortment is targeted toward the mid to premium retail segment with a distribution strategy that mirrors OXO’s current retail distribution for its Good Grips brand, according to The Cookware Company. Historically, OXO Good Grips kitchen tools have retail placement in specialty, department store and gourmet channels. Pricing structure for the new OXO cookware will offer a good, better, best story to provide options for all consumers, Fucale added. The new OXO cookware is expected to be available for shipping in September.