The Legacy Companies To Distribute Zzysh By Vinturi Wine Accessories

The Legacy Companies has formed a co-branding partnership with Zzysh, a Switzerland-based manufacturer of wine and champagne preservation accessories. Under the agreement, the Zzysh brand will be sold and marketed in North America under The Legacy Companies’ Vinturi brand as Zzysh by Vinturi.

“This is an exciting partnership and further enhances our global leadership positioning in the wine aerator, wine and sparkling wine preserver and accessories markets,” said Neal Asbury, CEO of The Legacy Companies. “With Zzysh you can drink a portion of the bottle and enjoy the rest later with the same tasting notes weeks apart.”

Zzysh said it utilizes technology to replace the air in an opened wine bottle with food-grade argon gas to protect from oxidation and preserve quality. For sparkling wine, the opened bottles get pressurized with argon/CO2 gas to keep the flavor and the fizzy sensation, the company said.