The Organizing Store E-Commerce Site Launches

The Organizing Store, a new online retailer from e-commerce veterans Deborah and Terry Shearer, is setting out to “provide solutions, organizing ideas, tips and information. We inspire you to live a simpler and happier lifestyle,” Deborah Shearer, CEO, told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.

The company’s “Live Beautifully” tagline allows it to focus on topics other than just organizing. “We wanted it to be bigger than organization. It’s a place that’s about organizing but it’s also really about living beautifully,” she said.

The Organizing Store aims to keep the consumer engaged, enjoy being on the site and inspire her to keep her reading and shopping, said Shearer.

Under The Organizing Store’s “Inspiration” section, each category, from “closet” to “craft room,” from “entryway” to “entertaining,” features a fun visual paired with a fun, often vintage quote related to the topic. Entering further into the section, with Inspiration’s lifestyle images, “you kind of dream ‘I could do that in my house.’ I think that’s really going to attract people in a different way,” she said. Pinterest has been integrated into the Inspiration section of the site so that consumers can “pin” the desired image directly from The Organizing Store’s page.

In addition to being able to shop by department, The Organizing Store consumers will be able to buy by “Shops” on the site, which feature products by brand. When a customer enters the shop, she is introduced to a background about the company. As an example, The Organizing Store is highlighting Umbra as its first featured shop, with personalities of founders Les Mandelbaum and Paul Rowan on its home page. “We support and collaborate with entrepreneurs, designers and artisans,” said Shearer.

For more on The Organizing Store, see HomeWorld’s November 11, 2013, issue.