ThermoServ Rebrands As NTL To Reflect Portfolio Growth

DALLAS— ThermoServ has taken the next step in its aggressive rebranding effort, shifting its corporate identity to NTL (New ThermoServ Ltd.) in an effort to better reflect a corporate identity separate from its growing portfolio of product brands.

Through strategic acquisitions in line with its overall rebranding strategy, which began five years ago with new management and an aggressive growth plan, that family of brands includes ThermoServ, its consumer tableware brand, Prolon, its commercial tableware brand, Capitol Cups, its commercial drinkware brand, and MakIt, which supplies personalized dinnerware and drinkware for kids.

More than just a name change, however, Dana Dowdy, the company’s vp/marketing, told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®, the change represents the evolution of the company over the past five years and as it continues to develop under new management.

“It’s one thing to say we have a new logo and we’re calling ourselves NTL, but this is literally a new company,” she said. “We are making so many major changes within  our organization in terms of our hiring practices, expanding and elevating our talent and workforce, improving our internal policies and processes and manufacturing processes, investing in new equipment and upgrading our plant. This kind of change seems simple on the outside, but it’s really representative of the massive turning over of the company itself.”

Dowdy noted that one of the major goals of the company’s continued rebranding effort is to further establish itself as a leading domestic manufacturer of casual dinnerware and drinkware.

“We hold a really unique place in the market in that sense, especially in today’s times,” she said. “There’s a real opportunity for domestic manufacturers to step up and establish a presence, not just because we’re domestic and there are a lot of good things that come with that in terms of being a supplier partner to our customers, but also in terms of being able to bring that quality product to retailers and reinvigorate the idea of American-made manufacturing.”

In order to support that goal, the company has invested in its ThermoServ brand, a strategy Dowdy said the company plans to continue in the coming years. The recent acquisition of its Prolon brand, for example, while bringing the company squarely into the commercial market, also brought with it advancements in the company’s manufacturing equipment.

“Really what started us down the path of acquisition was recognizing that certain assets could be leveraged in our ThermoServ retail brand. Prolon is a company that has always made melamine dinnerware designed to serve a food service market, but we were also investing in its equipment, machinery and molding materials. That is where things like the ThermoServ Chef collection came from,” she said. “If you think of it that way, our focus has always been and still is in growing the ThermoServ brand because, at the end of the day, we want to be a consumer packaged goods brand.”

When it comes to product design, driving much of the company’s new investments in its retail brand is the current political climate. Dowdy noted that very present of mind for the company are tax and tariff changes in the U.S.

“It is driving us to take a look at the melamine dinnerware we can provide the marketplace and see where we need to expand and grow to be able to step in and meet the needs of some of these retailers,” she said.

Moving forward, Dowdy said the company will look to new collections and silhouettes, as style, shape and colors continue to shift and evolve.

“We understand that in the past retailers may have felt the need to go overseas. But if we have products that are equally accessible, an equal pricepoint, of higher quality and we’re able to meet them in terms of style and trends, it’s more of an argument as to why would you not source domestically in today’s environment,” she said.

In the coming year, Dowdy said the company will continue to support the growth of its ThermoServ brand and overall company rebrand by launching new designs and patterns within ThermoServ’s existing collections, but also launch completely new silhouettes and shapes that support current trends in the casual dining space, the first of which will launch at next year’s International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago.

(with Logos)

ThermoServ (Consumer tableware): Casual drinkware and dinnerware products for everyday living at home and on-the-go. Versaware, Chef’s Collection and ThermoServ Kids also fall under the ThermoServ brand.

Prolon (Commercial tableware): Commercial grade dinnerware and tabletop drinkware for food service application.

Capitol Cups (Commercial drinkware): Custom drinkware products for convenience store and food service businesses.

MakIt (Kid craft products): Personalized dinnerware and drinkware keepsakes for kids of all ages.