ThinkEco Introduces Air Conditioner WiFi Starter Kit

ThinkEco, an “Internet of Things” technology and energy efficiency company, has introduced its new smartAC WiFi Starter Kit for plug-in room air conditioners. The kit is available to consumers on its website and is also being offered by utilities throughout the country as part of residential programs focused on promoting energy conservation among consumers, noted the company.

As part of its summer product launch, the ThinkEco smartAC Starter Kit is available on the company’s website for $119.99. The regular retail price is $139.99.

According to ThinkEco, smartAC WiFi Starter Kit brings intelligence to all plug-in air conditioners. Its features include measuring energy, setting on/off schedules and smartphone control, including the ability to control temperature on the go. The thermostat allows the user to monitor the temperature in the room from a smartphone. The smartAC thermostat senses the room temperature and will turn the AC on and off to maintain a room temperature that is one or two degrees (customizable through the software) around a desired set point. This helps avoid over-cooling and over-spending on energy bills, noted ThinkEco.