ThinkHat Introduces The Snug Utensil Saver

ThinkHat has introduced a new kitchen gadget called the Snug, a product born from a Kickstarter campaign. Made of 100% silicone, The Snug is designed to connect to cooking pots with the purpose of holding a metal or wooden spoon on the edge of a hot pan, keeping a lid open just a bit or preventing serving utensils from slipping into the food.

The Snug comes in two sizes and fits most utensils, the company said. Made of FDA approved, heat-resistant food-grade silicone, the Snug keeps utensils from absorbing extreme heat during cooking. To use, utensils slide through the built-in ring on the Snug and can then attach directly to cooking pots, or rest against a pan to keep the utensil from sliding in.

The snug is also dishwasher safe and is available in an array of bright colors. It is available in various set options, including a three-piece set of two large Snugs and one small Snug for a suggested retail price of $21.