Thinkspace Brands Expands Paw Prints Storage Line

Thinkspace Brands has expanded Paw Prints, the company’s pet-related storage assortment. The collection includes a mix of plastic, tin and moisture-wicking fabric bins, caddies and containers.

The company’s new pet food bins are designed to help keep pet food fresh and accessible. Available in a variety of sizes, the bins are wheeled, have a flat back to sit flush against a wall and feature pet-inspired designs. They are designed to store food, litter or seed and have a gasket-sealed lid to keep odors in and wet noses out. They come in 26 lb., 15 lb. and 7 lb. easy-pour sizes.

The new Paw Prints fabric pet toy and supply bins are easy to wipe clean due to a non-woven polyester blend that absorbs little to no moisture and provides resistance to water and sunlight, explained the company. The bins also feature dog-bone shaped handles.