Tineco Develops Smart Hair Dryer

Tineco has expanded into the beauty category by launching its next generation smart hair dryer, the Moda One.

The hair dryer is designed with advanced iLoop smart sensor technology that measures hair moisture levels over 20 times per second and automatically adjusts heat and airflow in real-time to prevent damage to hair, the company said.  The intelligent humidity and proximity sensors work together to optimize the amount of heat delivered to hair.

Keeping the user experience in mind, Tineco incorporated intelligent noise optimization for ultra-quiet operation, lightweight materials for easy use, a cool shot button, and an 8.8-foot long tangle-free professional power cord.  Included are three magnetic attachments including a smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and diffuser to dry and style all hair types. Additional innovations include a colored iLoop LED light ring on the dryer that provides real-time drying feedback by changing from red to blue to indicate when hair is dry and to prevent overdrying.  Users can connect directly to the hair dryer with their smartphone to select manual or several additional pre-programmed drying modes.

“We are very excited about the Moda One launch,” said Todd Manegold, general manager North America, Tineco.  “We see this as an important step in the evolution of Tineco and our ongoing commitment to make household appliances smarter.  This new, smart hair dryer leverages Tineco’s innovative sensor technology and allows the hair dryer to adapt to each person’s hair and styling needs.  Our goal is to make the hair drying process easier and faster, helping keep everyone’s hair healthier.”

The Moda One smart hair dryer is available now for $299.99 on the Tineco website and on Amazon.