Titan’s Pollard Adds Personal Care Organization To His Game Plan

Super Bowl champion and veteran strong safety Bernard Pollard of the Tennessee Titans may not be done with his football career yet, but he is looking to the future and to organizing personal care appliances with Smart Tray. Developed by Pollard’s company Style Pro 31, the lightweight, portable tray fits over most pedestal and traditional sinks to provide additional surface area and counter space, up to 288 square inches.

The product has various applications, Pollard said in introducing the Smart Tray. It can make organizing personal care products easier for travelers, for patients during a hospital stay and for people who share bathroom spaces, such as college students. The product can keep personal care tools organized even when carried from place to place, as may occur in shared bathrooms, and the heat resistant unit can stand up to electric dryers and irons while keeping their cords away from water.

“Multi-purpose and multi-functional, the Smart Tray makes everyone happy,” Pollard asserted. “Women love that they can keep more of their hair accessories, makeup and appliances at-hand, and men love coming into a more organized, clutter-free bathroom where they can easily conduct their hygiene routine. College students who share sink space love the added surface area, and hospital in-patients can keep more of their critical items at hand and well within reach. Parents love that it helps keep kids safe from the many electric shock hazards in the bathroom.”

The product is currently available at stylepro31.com for $39.99.