Top 5 Pinterest-Inspired Cooking Trends For 2015

Meals On The Run: Family Friendly Entertaining

With the hectic pace of today’s world, families are looking for simple, healthy & quick ways to get their family fed. They also need products that can keep up with the on-the-go active lifestyle that their family leads. Fast solutions such as microwave accessories allow kids to safely help with snack and meal prep. Whether it’s an egg sandwich for breakfast or air-popped popcorn for an afternoon snack, microwaved meals are easy and can be made healthy. Microwaves aren’t just about reheating food anymore! Families are also looking for dinnerware and serveware that meets the criteria of being environmentally safe (no BPA or melamine), unbreakable (for meals eaten on the run), as well as microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.


Smaller Size Means Big Growth Potential

Consumers are looking for smaller, more compact versions of their favorite everyday kitchenware items. A growing population of empty nesters and smaller households coupled with the popularity of countertop ovens in recent years has swung the pendulum from oversized products to “right sized” ones. Products such as compact baking sheets and broiler pans are sought after by consumers who are cooking for 1-2 people and those who don’t want to turn on their big oven to prepare a small meal, nor do they want the hassle of cleanup of something huge. Countertop ovens preheat in short order and are becoming mainstream in kitchens across the US. Downsized versions of stovetop products such as cast griddles are also sought after.


Multi-purpose Pans

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make a plethora of different recipes that you’ve pinned on Pinterest with the use of just one pan? One pan options, allowing you to cook a wide variety of foods in the same pan, are becoming very popular across breakfast, lunch and dinner. From making various kinds of eggs for everyone in the whole family to creating quick lunch time meals to elaborate dinners, dual-purpose pans eliminate the headache of picky eaters and reduce lengthy clean-up time that can result from too many dirty dishes. Finding a pan that does it all provides a new solution to healthy eating and cooking without taking up valuable space or time in the kitchen.


Crafty Gift Giving

Gift giving is one of the best ways to show how much you appreciate someone, especially when it’s something you’ve made for them. The power of Pinterest has spurred the growth of this trend by being able to peruse through thousands of recipes and creating remarkable presentations. You not only want to impress your friends with the taste of your delectable delight, but also in its presentation. Luckily, you can deliver your baked cookies, cakes or sweet treats in krafty little gift bags or boxes and finish it off with a cute tag and twist of twine or sturdy ribbon. Your presentation is now as crafty as your treat with use of fun giftable accessories.


Bundt Baking

Cakes have yearly trends, just like many other fashionable items. Bundt cake, the quintessential American dessert whose popularity doesn’t seem to go out of style, is trending across social media channels as the preferred choice for a no-fuss, reliable and photo-worthy dessert. With so many unique new shapes of Bundt pans to choose from, the most amateur of bakers can show off a work of art with just a touch of a simple glaze or a dust of powdered sugar. The fine details and superior baking performance from cast aluminum Bundt pans create excellent results anyone would be proud of.



These trends are accessible to everyday cooks.  Let Nordic Ware help you meet your customers’ culinary needs. Click here for more information.