Totally Bamboo Introduces Cork To Bamboo Boards

Cork, made from the bark of the Cork Oak, is the newest feature in Totally Bamboo’s line of bamboo cutting and serving boards. Providing both a durable and safe cutting surface, the company said, cork is featured on the cutting boards as both an accessory decoration and as a functional non-slip footing.

“These are two amazing materials,” said Tom Sullivan, co-founder for Totally Bamboo. “Forget the fact that they are two of the most sustainable natural materials on the planet and just look at them from a practical standpoint. Bamboo is a beautiful and durable hardwood while cork is known for its impermeability and elasticity. Together they combine beautifully to make cutting boards that are both attractive and functional.”

Totally Bamboo is offering four different cutting/serving boards in its natural cork and bamboo collection: The 9-inch rectangle, the 9-inch barrel, the 13-inch Cork-Footed board and the 15-inch Cork-Footed with retails ranging from $9.99 to $24.99.