Touchless Advances Touchless Trash Can Technology

SAN MATEO, CA— While iTouchless may have recently launched its new manual step pedal trash cans, the manufacturer has also been busy rolling out new technology for its existing product portfolio.

The manufacturer of the iTouchless trash can and other touchless trash receptacles and household products first brought its touchless trash can technology to the housewares industry 20 years ago, and since has made updates along the way.

“We continue to innovate on sensor technology, setting new standards of quality and pushing the technology forward,” said Michael Shek, president and chief product developer, iTouchless.

One of the company’s latest advancements is its VisioSense technology, which has just been added to most of the company’s sensor trash cans, earlier this year.

According to the company, VisioSense was designed to further combat the common consumer complaint about sensor trash cans closing on the user’s hand. The technology is essentially a visual indicator placed on the trash can’s lid sensor eye that lets the user know if the lid is about to close. A solid green light means the lid is in “Stay Open Mode,” while a blinking red light means the lid is about to close.

At the end of 2017, the company also added its new Reflx technology to its full line of sensor trash cans. Reflx technology is designed to keep the lid open as long as it recognizes something in the sensor zone, explained the company. This is designed to counter a common consumer problem of the lid on sensor trash cans closing on the user’s hand while still disposing of something. With this technology, if a consumer pulls their hand away and the lid starts to close, it will “reflexively” re-open quickly if the hand is placed back into the sensor zone.

The company has also updated its touchless iTouchless sensor technology.

While there are several benefits of a touchless lid of a sensor-activated trash can, the company noted that a common complaint is unintended openings, such as a pet’s wagging tail triggering the lid to open constantly. To combat this, the company now offers highly calibrated sensors that require a deliberate, though brief, breaking of the infrared beam in order to avoid unintended lid openings.

“That our sensors are calibrated to prevent unintended openings— compared to motion sensor trash cans— has been an aspect of our technology for some time, but this particular update solves a modern problem,” said Shek.

The company’s iTouchless trash receptacles range from an extra-large 23 gallon size for commercial use, to a 13-gallon kitchen trash can and smaller 2.5- and 4-gallon trash cans for under the desk or in the bathroom.

The new manual line of SoftStep models from iTouchless are scheduled to be available in the following sizes: 5-liter/1.3-gallon; 30-liter/8-gallon; 50-liter/13.2-gallon; and a combo trash can/recycle bin with two independent 8-gallon compartments;. The line is expected to have a retail price range of $39 to $249.