Tractor Supply Company To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Tractor Supply Company has a new goal to reduce carbon emissions from its facilities by 25% by 2025 from its 2015 baseline as a part of the company’s stewardship program.

The company’s program was launched in 2008 and since that time, the company has taken a number of steps to reduce its impact on the environment. Examples of these initiatives include: Converting the internal lighting in all stores to more environmentally friendly LED lighting; implementing energy management systems in all stores; replacing older HVAC systems in stores with high-efficiency units; and adopting recycling programs in stores, distribution centers and its store support center.

The company continues to make investments in projects that reduce carbon emissions as well as expenses. A recent example is the decision to convert the fluorescent lighting in all of its stores to more environmentally friendly LED lighting. Completed last year, the chain-wide project is reducing electricity consumption and expenses in stores by approximately 30% and has eliminated the costs associated with bulb replacement.

Additionally, Tractor Supply has constructed two energy- and resource-efficient LEED Silver Certified facilities including its store support center in Brentwood, TN and its distribution center in Casa Grande, AZ. The Company’s newest distribution center, which began receiving product this month, in Frankfort, NY has also been designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification.