Tractor Supply Rolls Out Loyalty Program

Tractor Supply Co. has completed the national rollout of Neighbor’s Club, a loyalty program now operating across the entire 1,600-plus store chain.

The retailer began a Neighbor’s Club pilot program in 2015 to reward loyal customers and accumulate actionable customer data that could generate relevant and personalized communications with customers. In 2016, Tractor Supply brought its customer database in-house to facilitate analysis and segmentation of customer information collected from Neighbor’s Club members. To date, the company noted, about half of Neighbor’s Club members and over 80% of the email addresses collected during the period since the loyalty program began have been new to the Tractor Supply database.

“We’ve seen tremendous results since our initial pilot launch of Neighbor’s Club,” said Steve Barbarick, Tractor Supply president and chief merchandising officer. “The adoption rate from our customers continues to exceed our expectations, and we are proud to now have over one million members in the program, a first milestone en route to what we believe will be many million members to follow.”

Tractor Supply Co. CEO, Greg Sandfort, added, “We know that many of our customers want to interact with Tractor Supply on a more personalized level and the data that we’ve collected through Neighbor’s Club has allowed us to begin the process of personalizing relevant information to our customers in a powerful way. As more customers sign on to the program, we have seen an increase in our attribution, click-through and redemption rates, and we are excited to now have Neighbor’s Club available in all Tractor Supply stores.”