Tropical Storm Imelda Impacts Conn’s

Conn’s has reported on the status of the company after Tropical Storm Imelda made landfall on September 17.

As a result of the Tropical Storm Imelda and dangerous levels of rainfall and flooding, Conn’s closed 23 stores across Beaumont and Houston, its distribution and service centers in Beaumont, as well as its Beaumont corporate office. The company’s corporate offices in The Woodlands and San Antonio remained open, and supported store, credit and collections, and customer service operations outside the path of the storm in accordance with the company’s standard contingency planning.

There has not been any impact on the company’s other stores, service or distribution operations, including the Houston distribution center, as a result of the storm. In addition, there was no significant damage to the company’s corporate headquarters, showrooms or distribution and service centers, and all locations are now open for business and able to serve their local communities.

“As a Texas based business with a meaningful presence in Houston and Beaumont, we have seen firsthand how severe weather events affect our customers, employees and communities,” said Norm Miller, the company’s chairman and CEO. “Tropical Storm Imelda was the seventh wettest tropical cyclone in the U.S., causing record-breaking floods in Southeast Texas. Houston experienced major flash floods and Beaumont experienced estimated rainfall of over 24 inches in less than 24 hours. Our advanced planning, resilient infrastructure and the determination of our staff have enabled the business to minimize the impact of Tropical Storm Imelda and we stand by to provide support to those in need from the tragic effects of this natural disaster.”