Trudeau Adds New Barware To Mix

Trudeau will add new bar and wine accessories to its lineup for the 2017 winter markets. According to the company, the bar tools will have new branding to reflect that they have been designed with sleek, urban, minimalist details and a modern black chrome finish.

“These new Trudeau original design products represent our ongoing commitment to delivering streamlined, well thought out collections and best in class product assortments to our retail partners with wine and bar tools,” said Philippe Trudeau, president, Trudeau.

The collection includes a wing corkscrew with long arms to reduce effort. A  2-in-1 bottle pourer and stopper adjusts to most bottle neck sizes and is said to be leak proof. A new wine pump comes with two stoppers to preserve the wine’s freshness by preventing oxidation and high pressure changes within the bottle. The company will also introduce an expandable stopper and new bottle opener.

In addition, a cocktail muddler is made of acacia wood with a rounded shape to extract the maximum aroma from fruits and herbs, the company said. A new cocktail shaker has a raised rim for precision pouring and an integrated strainer that holds back ice for a consistent pour.

The Trudeau barware collection will have a suggested retail price range of $7.99 to $24.