TurkeyStone Launches Via Kickstarter

The TurkeyStone, a new kitchen tool designed for roasting, has made its debut on Kickstarter. The ceramic body is designed to warm up quickly to become its own heat source to cook a turkey from the inside, while the consumer’s oven or grill cooks it from the outside.

The TurkeyStone was invented by Slaviša Trtić, an engineer, artist, and experienced cook. After immigrating to the U.S. in 2007, he quickly came to love American Thanksgiving traditions but noted the stress some friends felt due to what they found to be a difficult, time-consuming cooking project.

“I believe that connecting with friends and family over a good meal is one of the joys in life. I wanted to develop a solution for the holiday meal that helps home cooks worry about the results less so they could enjoy the process more,” Trtić said.

The TurkeyStone was named a finalist in the design category of the 2019 gia awards, sponsored by the International Housewares Association. Trtić said he plans to introduce more vibrant colors and a smaller size for roasting chickens in the future.