TV Stars Highlight New SodaStream Ad Campaign

SodaStream has launched what it said is a “new environmental global campaign” that features television stars Mayim Bialik of “The Big Bang Theory” and Kristian Nairn of “Game of Thrones.”

Entitled “The Homo-schlepiens,” the campaign features Bialik as an anthropologist, recalling her first encounter with a Homo-schlepien played by Nairn. The story moves backwards and forwards in time to reflect what SodaStream said is the reality of plastic bottle consumption. The Museum of UnNatural History featured in the video facilitates encounters between Mayim and the last tribe of plastic dependent species, the Homo-schlepien.

“This campaign has a powerful message and one that needed to be told,” said Bialik. “More than one billion plastic beverage bottles are used each day around the world, the majority of which end up in our landfills, parks and oceans devastating the environment and killing marine animals.”

The campaign was shot in Ukraine on a set designed to transport audiences to a future free from plastic bottle pollution.

According to SodaStream, the integrated campaign uses public relations and digital to embed an important message while an interactive website allows users to discover the world of the Homo-schlepiens and a more sustainable way of life.