Typhoon Expanding Kilner Kitchenware Designs

Typhoon Homewares will launch a variety of new Kilner kitchenware and food storage items at the upcoming winter markets.

The new Kilner Nut Drink Making set is designed to help consumers make their own plant-based drinks from nuts, oats, coconut or soy. The two jars in the set are designed to provide consumers with the option to soak a second batch, while storing or consuming the first batch. The set includes two 17-ounce wide mouth jars, a silicone splash guard, stainless steel filter plunger, silicone pouring lip and a stainless steel lid. It has a suggested retail price of $35.

The company will also roll out the new All In One Food To Go set. The set is designed to store, carry and consume cold and hot foods directly from the jar. The 17-ounce wide mouth jar is designed to make it easy to eat out of and it comes with an accompanying spork. The jar is microwave safe, while the plug design helps to release steam and prevent spillage during cooking. The silicone base conducts the heat during microwaving and the hand grip protects hands from hot contents. It has a suggested retail price of $20.

The company will also debut the new Kilner Kids Jars, designed to store homemade baby food, suitable for children from six months old. Typhoon said the jars feature a decal design with an easy push-on silicone lid that is airtight and leak-proof. Each set includes six glass storage jars, six silicone lids in three colors and 12 easily removable adhesive labels for marking ingredients and dates. They are dishwasher safe and suitable for freezing and warming in the microwave. The jars are available in two sizes of 3.7-ounce and 6.4-ounce and range in price from $20 to $25.